Rotsztain Self-Loving Jew


Self-Loving Jew is a series of visual essays defining a secular, cultural Jewish identity. Reclaiming the self-hating jew trope, these autobiographical comics address the shift away from traditional Jewish institutions amongst contemporary Jewish youth.

Guilt-free, the work is an attempt to articulate the ambivalence some Jewish millennials and Generation Zers may feel about religious Judaism, identity and assimilation. It embraces forging personal beliefs and practices that honour the Jewish legacy, adapting them alongside other value considerations.

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Rotsztain Self-Loving Jew Comics Rotsztain Self-Loving Jew Comics
Rotsztain Self-Loving Jew Comics Workshop


Self-Loving Jew and You workshops last from 30–90 minutes through to one week of programming, tailored to any age or skill-set.

The interactive lessons include a history of comics, insight into the creation of SLJ comics and step-by-step activities for participants to create their own stories.

Past workshops: Museum of Jewish Montreal, Limmud Toronto, Oraynu Congregation, Vancouver Jewish Book Festival and King David High School, pictured at left.


Patterns was an original installation shown from February 19–June 9, 2019 at FENTSTER Gallery, Toronto.

The work was remounted as Modèles at the Museum of Jewish Montreal from January 15, 2019–March 29, 2020.

The work features wallpaper banners that make visible how family, community and social context can unconsciously shape one's patterns of behaviour, being taken in by sculptural figures in various states of contemplation, sorrow and joy.

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Rotsztain Patterns FENTSTER Toronto