Rotsztain Fortune Enamel Pins

Fortune Pins

In 2016 and 2017 I designed and worked with manufacturers to make a series of three Fortune Pins. I wanted to create wearable art that imbued the wearer with the intention set by each pin's theme. I was also motivated to offer merchandise for those who maybe don't purchase self-published comics!

Rotsztain Glaring Truth Enamel Pin Rotsztain Patient Practice Enamel Pin
Rotsztain Self-Loving Jew Comics Workshop

Glaring Truth

Hand/Eye, 1" enamel, 2016. Each of us confronts our own truth on our own path. Follow the bright light of honesty. Reality is subjective. Let idealism guide you.

Patient Practice

Impatiens/Ouroboros, 1" enamel, 2016. To get it right, do it over and over. Striving is your inspiration. Be logical and irrational. Pursuit is it’s own reward.

Radiant Innocence

Horn/Eye, 1.25" baltic birch, 2017. Fresh eyes see beyond tired ways. Shine your optimism. New visions burst beyond dogma to beam hope's light.